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Products and services

Natural gas
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  Products and services

Products and services

For Pemex Gas, clients come first. It’s main task is to fulfill it’s energy needs with a wide range of products and added value services, which will allow it to develop its productive activities in benefit of the Mexican economy.

The products and services that it commercializes are:

Natural gas: mixture of simple hydrocarbons which are found in a gaseous state and composed primarily of methane.

Liquefied gas: mixture composed primarily of propane and butane.

Basic petrochemicals: ethane, propane, butane, pentanes, hexane, heptane, raw material for carbon black, naphtas, methane.

Sulfur: resulting product from the sweetening of acid gas, used in the chemical industry, to obtain sulfuric acid.

Hydrocarbon pipeline transport: services for natural and liquefied gas transport.

Natural gas hedges: services which reduce the volatile prices of natural gas.

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